About Us

The company was started in 1945 by highly experienced  professionals based in Kolkata, India.  ATHERTON Aero has provided premium household utility services to a wide array of customers nationwide. The highly experienced team of administrative, marketing & sales team and technical people has ensured the growth of the company during the years. The best quality of services has made the company march ahead in various sectors of consumerware  products.. Ex. Chairman Mr. R.V.Jaitha, and now the present Directors of the company Mr. D.R. Jaitha, Priti Jaitha and Siddhant Jaitha have more than 45 years experience in distribution of consumerware and household utility products.

Today Atherton Aero’s  large inventory gives customers instant availability of the wide range of consumer ware products.

No matter where in India you are, Atherton Aero is your best source for consumer ware and household utility products.

Our first priority is to deliver the right product according to your needs faster to you than  any other suppliers. ATHERTON staff is ready to help you at all times as Customer Satisfaction is our top most priority.

We are proud of how we have grown. Along with our growth, we have never deviated from our basic operating principles: Be sincere; Be honest; Do it right the first time; and, always be ready to serve our customers’ needs. Profit is temporary, but Reputation has been forever.

The following is Atherton Aero’s Strengths:

  1. Own Transportation facility
  2. Past experience in distribution business
  3. Good reputation in business circle
  4. Huge warehousing facilities
  5. Modern back-up office with all modern communication and processing facilities backed up by efficient and experienced staff.
  6. A very experienced marketing and sales team
  7. Financial strength

At present we are supplying products such as Borosil, Eagle Flasks and Thermoware, Jubliee Pressure cooker, Metro Stainless Steel Cutlery, Crystal Cutlery and C&F of  Nirali (non stick appliances) East India. Atherton World has also introduced its own range of products for consumer needs with a variety of unique designs, artwork, and a touch of class in their products.